Coldtrailer Services

ColdTrailers available February 1st 2019!

CTS has been busy with sourcing and manufacturing our first batch of ColdTrailers!


  1. Interested in costs, specs., operating conditions, limitations, power source etc. , plus might have some ideas in use.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your interest!
      The cost is $450/unit.
      11.5″ long when folded,4ft and 10.5″ extended.
      I will double check with engineering on the weight but it is around 1 lb.
      It operates in sun or shade and any fuel type. It is not a hand tool and therefore it is not recommended that you use it to dig out heats or stir water saturated root holes. It is designed though to sweep through ash and not just probe -the sensor responds to heat instantly.
      The power source is a rechargeable lithium battery that is estimated to be good for an entire fire season of average cold trailing on a single charge.
      The ColdTrailer comes with a USB cable for recharging, which takes 3 hours.
      Please feel free to email me at!

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