ColdTrailer MK. II




The ColdTrailer is a conduction-based heat sensing probe that allows firefighters to cold trail while remaining
upright. Unlike infrared devices that sense the surface temperature of the ash, the ColdTrailer reaches deep into
the ash and finds the heat where it is. Designed by experienced firefighters and tested and validated by
interagency hotshot crews, the ColdTrailer is the only alternative to conventional bare-handed cold trailing.


  • Light weight collapsible pole fits comfortably in your fire pack
  • Patented fast acting and highly sensitive probe with machined aluminum mount
  • Durable Kevlar cord locks pole sections together
  • Rechargeable lithium battery lasts entire fire season
  • Long handle for better leverage when sweeping for heats
  • Comes with nylon protective bag, USB charging cable, and Velcro forearm strap
  • 3 Year unconditional warranty
  • Satisfaction guaranteed